After the birth of my second child, I decided to treat myself to some personal training. I had previously used a gym, but after a short period of personal training, I realised I got more out of one session of personal training a week, than going to the gym on my own 3 times a week. Itís been fun, motivating and I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in less than 12 weeks

Nicky (Mother, Aged 32)


I decided to try Body Positive 3 months before my wedding in 2003. I wanted to tone up my arms and waist, and hopefully lose a few extra pounds. I had previously trained in a gym environment but had found it aggravated an old back injury, so I was reluctant to go it alone.

Ianís enthusiasm was a great help and not only has he helped me strengthen my back and stomach muscles, but I also lost four inches from my waist.

 I have carried on my training to this day and now consider it a necessity to my general well being.

Alison (Hairdresser, Aged 37)

  After a long recovery from a broken pelvis I needed to start exercising, but was nervous I might do the wrong thing. I was recommended Ian, who has set me up a very balanced program and restored my confidence, pushing me hard but never beyond my capabilities. As a senior citizen I now feel fitter than I have done for years and now look forward to enjoying skiing again.

Lady Rosemary (retired, 60+)